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For Guidance & Healing
Hardcover Book
Flame Tree Publishing
March, 2021
$21.00 CAD
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The power of pendulums is wondrous. They have been used in dowsing throughout the ages and remain a useful tool in our modern world. In addition to famously helping to locate water and minerals, they have a multitude of purposes from relocating lost items, people or pets or finding love to helping you make decisions, perform divination or even contact the spirit realm. They can even be employed in diagnosing medical conditions, healing and rebalancing your energies and chakras.

This inspiring new book will take you through the background and basics of pendulums: first discover the history and methodology of using pendulums, how they are used today, why it works, and how to choose your pendulum. Then get started: programme your pendulum, focus on your intent and energy, prepare your space and understand the potential questions and movements that your pendulum will make. Pendulums will then delve further into how to use pendulums in the different spheres of everyday life: career, life and household decisions; relationship questions and desires; rebalancing and cleansing the seven chakras; working on your diet and energy for health; dowsing in the psychic, energy and spiritual dimensions; as well as fortune telling and looking to the future.

Whether you make it or buy it, whether it be metal, wood or crystal, this
book will help you get the most out of this mystical and invaluable object.

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