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A People's Guide to Publishing

Build a Successful, Sustainable, Meaningful Book Business
Paperback Book
Microcosm Publishing
December, 2018
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Comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to book publishing written by a successful book publisher.

So, you want to publish books.

Publishing is an incredibly rewarding yet endlessly complicated profession. This readable, comprehensive, and empowering book serves as a resource and reality check for anyone considering launching a press or publishing a single book. Author Joe Biel draws on 23 years of experience in all parts of operating a small publishing company to teach you the skills of the trade, from distribution, operations, inventory, scheduling, and accounting to development, sales, publicity, and marketing. Readers will come away with the confidence to succeed and a big picture overview of why publishing matters and how to plan and run their business fairly and sustainably.

This book is equally useful to publishing beginners looking for a realistic overview of the process and for already practicing publishers seeking a deeper understanding of accounting principles, ways to bring their books to new audiences, and how to advance their mission in a changing industry.

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