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Perelandra Garden Workbook

A Complete Guide to Gardening with Nature Intelligences
Paperback Book
April, 1993
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Banyen's Description: 

First published in 1987, and now in a second revised edition, this is a hands-on manual for the gardener who wishes to work in conscious partnership with the overlighting nature intelligences. Based on the author’s many years of experience, The Perelandra Garden Workbook is filled with practical techniques, fresh perspectives on traditional organic gardening methods, and an infectious sense of joy and humour.

Interspersed throughout the book are many direct communications from the different levels of nature intelligence. Each reveals universal natural law and a cosmic wisdom applicable not only to gardens dug in soil, but to every garden planted in the larger soil of life experience. Just packed with insightful information, exercises to do,  and charts to use, this is truly a book for everyone seeking to connect into the larger picture of life.

I present the co-creative partnership within the context of a garden because the garden happens to be my laboratory where the principles and processes are worked out. There is a potential co-creative partnership in all natural settings. You do not have to have a garden to establish this partnership with nature. But you do need guidelines and processes, and this is what I give you in this book. If you would like to establish a co-creative partnership in forestry, landscaping, tree farming, regular farming, container planting, etc., all you need to do is the following: Read this book—sessions and all—and get a feel for how the partnership works in a garden context. Then retrofit the processes to your particular context....

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