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The Perennial Philosophy

An Interpretation of Great Mystics, East and West
Paperback Book
July, 2009
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First published in 1945, The Perennial Philosophy has been—for generations of readers—a profoundly influential anthology of excerpts and commentaries illustrating what Huxley called “the highest common factor of all the higher religions.” He went on to say, with typical humour and humility, “The greatest merit of the book is that about forty percent of it is not by me, but by a lot of saints, many of whom were also men of genius.”

Drawing on a vast range of sources (the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads of Hinduism, the Taoist sages, Buddhist texts, the Sufis of Islam, the early Quakers, the great Catholic mystics of the Middle Ages, and others), Huxley’s unique commentary wove them together under various themes—such as Silence, Prayer, Suffering, Faith, Idolatry, Liberation, etc. These timeless and memorable passages are “embedded, so to speak, in a commentary of my own, designed to illustrate and connect, to develop and, where necessary, to elucidate.”

If one is not oneself a sage or saint, the best thing one can do, in the field of metaphysics, is to study the works of those who were, and who, because they had modified their merely human mode of being, were capable of a more than merely human kind and amount of knowledge.

The Perennial Philosophy remains one of the great classics of comparative religious studies.

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An inspired gathering of religious writings that reveals the "divine reality" common to all faiths, collected by Aldous Huxley

"The Perennial Philosophy," Aldous Huxley writes, "may be found among the traditional lore of peoples in every region of the world, and in its fully developed forms it has a place in every one of the higher religions."

With great wit and stunning intellectdrawing on a diverse array of faiths, including Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christian mysticism, and IslamHuxley examines the spiritual beliefs of various religious traditions and explains how they are united by a common human yearning to experience the divine. The Perennial Philosophy includes selections from Meister Eckhart, Rumi, and Lao Tzu, as well as the Bhagavad Gita, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Diamond Sutra, and Upanishads, among many others.

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