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Pilates and Parkinson's

Paperback Book
Muswell Hill Press
May, 2016
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Offers a collection of Pilates exercises to benefit those with Parkinson’s.

This book is written for people with Parkinson’s, especially in the early stages who are looking for an exercise regime that will keep them strong, flexible, and as mobile as possible. This book is also an indispensable guide for Pilates instructors who may not have experience working with Parkinson’s clients. Physiotherapists may also find this book a useful aid to their practice. Up to date medical information is provided, written in such a way that is easy to understand for someone from a nonmedical background. In the early stages of Parkinson’s, formal physiotherapy input may be indicated however it is important that the client makes sure they incorporate an appropriate exercise regime into their routine.

Sarah Sessa is a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. She has been involved with clients with Parkinson’s since 1995, providing rehabilitation, exercise programs, and more recently, Pilates. Karen Peace was a professional ballet dancer, then trained as a Pilates instructor, and is qualified to teach matwork and machines. She has a particular interest in rehabilitation Pilates and owns two studios in Bristol and Taunton.

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