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Pilates for You

The Comprehensive Guide To Pilates At Home For Everyone
Paperback Book
December, 2015
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Based on Ann Crowther’s proven development of the Joseph Pilates system, Pilates For You presents simple, practical measures to improve health and wellbeing through a unique combination of exercise, diet and relaxation.

Chapter One, the focus of the book, introduces the reader to 25 step-by-step exercises from the Pilates system, as well as Ann’s own tried-and-tested variations. 

Chapter Two contains 25 specially-commissioned recipes for energy and vitality and is packed with nutritional advice on how to maintain optimum body weight without the need for dieting. 

Chapter Three features easy, step-by-step meditations and inspirational advice on how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life – a good night’s sleep, a positive attitude, and so on.


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