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Pilgrim Cards

Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Reed Press
November, 2006
$19.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

The creator of the Pilgrim Cards has devoted his life to the journey of the soul. Three times Austin Repath has walked the ancient, 800-km pilgrim’s route El Camino de Santiago in Spain. During these pilgrimages, he began mapping the inner landscape of the pilgrim soul as it traverses the joyful heights and dark valleys of the human journey. The Pilgrim Cards are the result of that exploration.

What walking the Camino taught me was to simply keep on going and to trust the way.
    One day I found that instead of writing my own thoughts, the words on the page seemed to be coming from another voice.  The writings began with the pronoun “you.”…  It was as if I had been joined by a fellow pilgrim who knew the way better than I did.  One who wasn’t so much a guide, as simply a wise companion who when I was walking through a dark valley in my life offered solace, gave me a vision of what was possible if I didn’t give up…       And so the outcome of this inner journey of some eight years was a body of personal wisdom that I wanted to share with others.  I showed the writings to my friends and found that they too could identify with the words of this “fellow pilgrim.”  Encouraged by their response I decided to find a venue that would allow the voice of this “other” to be there for the reader.  The idea of cards, each containing a reflection that could be chosen by the reader or randomly selected, seemed to work. 
    The format, I believe, offers the reader a mirror of their own inner pilgrimage as they walk the journey of their life and puts them in touch with their wisdom voice.

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The Sacred City

One day you come upon a beggar beside the road.  You know you should go over to him, offer him money, food, a kind word. But the best you can do is look into his eyes.
     He gazes back and blesses you for what he sees in your heart. And suddenly you are transported within the walls of the sacred city, your heart opened in a way that embraces all who walk this earth.
    And you realize that this luminous place, however fleeting, however transient, does exist.  It is within you, that place of compassion made sacred by how you meet all those you pass on the road.
    And who gives the blessing matters less than how it is received.

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