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Plant Souls Speak

Paperback Book
Light Technology
August, 2011
$34.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

"What we intend to speak about if I may speak in general for all plants is how you can interact with plants in a more benevolent way for you as the human species. For a long time, you have been clear on medicinal uses of leaves and stems and seeds and flower petals and so on, but you are only getting about one tenth of the energy available to you that way. It is always better to interact with the plant and its energies in its live form, but you need to know how.

"The intention of this book is to reveal that formula so that you can stop searching, as a human race, for the magical cures to diseases by exhausting the supply of life forms around you, when much simpler process is available. This book will not just comment on things you know about, but show you what you are missing in your interaction with plants."

Dandelion through Robert Shapiro

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