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Playg Daze

a threshold journal
Paperback Book
Names of Thunder
February, 2022
$20.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Salish Sea sage and wilderness guide Scott Lawrance offers some heart-wrestled gristle and sutra from the heart of the plague years. As his elderpoet bill bissett writes, "playg daze    is brillyant wunderful...  ther ar words n thots n qwestyuns n feelings in  playg daze   2 live by    diffrent approaches 2 wisdom heer   vizual poetree   lyrik   metaphysical  praktikul    politikul... we work on our thinking spiritual being keeping in mindfulness    th tree is our bodee    playg daze  amayzes startuls n lifts us  n relee helps a lot."

Secret Teaching for yu


following Martin Prechtel's suggestions that the only
      things that the gods are actually
interested in and amused by, from the human realm,
      are  1) things made (of beauty & love)
with the use of our miraculous hands; and 2) our music:


to open the channels to hear, to open my ears, I sing,
     starting maybe with simple vocables of
        "sound vibrations" in body,
extend into pentecostal type, random chants of praise,
   incorporate whatever rhythms, vowels, consonants,
        clicks, yodels,
whatever to arise, to carry our love and praise
          to the forgotten
& ignored persons, living and dead, that animate the
ongoing magnificence of life-in-place that is your locale.


then listen to what arises in response,
         surrendering all notions
     of meaning, all threads of hope, and most all,
  the vestiges of despair that enclose our colonized


            Sing & in there will also be
     Words with meaning in yr language
              To plumb the berry
                  Depths of.

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