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The Pleiadian Workbook

Awakening Your Divine Ka
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Paperback Book
Bear & Co
January, 2001
$23.95 CAD
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This is a direct transmission from the Pleiadian emissaries of Light—beings from the Pleiades—who say the time is now for spiritual growth, ascension and healing. As of 1995, here is the latest and most advanced Pleiadian information on healing and clearing, Ka (light body) activation, neuro-muscular-cortical repatterning, clearing damaged neural pathways, cellular reorientation and repatterning, meeting and blending and divine axis alignment with the higher self, archangelic and angelic love. This workbook “is the source of Pleiadian energetic healing techniques, a gift of love and compassion during these amazing days.” —Barbara Hand Clow

“The exercises Amorah gives are practical and necessary at this time of Earth transitions. Vast perspectives on Earth, the solar system, and galactic cycles are given to enable each person to transform karmic patterns. In this book we can find ways to forgive ourselves of past misdeeds and move on to unconditional, compassionate states of wholeness.” —Rowena Patee Kryder, author of Sacred Ground, Sacred Space. Shahan Jon, in his foreword, writes:

This incredible opportunity is offered to you at this time, not because of what you lack, but because of who you already are and because of what you bring to this time of planetary, galactic, and universal transformation. I am reminded of a wonderful line from the Sufi poet Rumi: “Let the beautiful one come into existence; his light is better than the Sun’s.” Ra, a spokesperson for the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, says, “It’s time now.” And it is. Let your Christ Presence come forth and walk on this Earth. You may use this book as a tool to assist in that birth. It’s time now to dance in the radiance you are.

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Amorah teaches us fundamental energetic cleansing practices for aligning the divine self with the physical body.

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