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Hardcover Book
June, 1992
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Banyen's Description: 

Deep religious feeling, breathtaking beauty, vigor, and lucidity make this simply the most inspired English translation of one of the finest products of the human mind. Plotinus (204-270 AD) emerges not only as the last great philosopher-sage of the Greek tradition but also—through his emphasis on the autonomy of the spirit—the dominant precursor of modern times.

This remarkable edition calls attention to hundreds of debatable revisions made since MacKenna’s death. Endnotes provide MacKenna’s own translation and show how other translators have handled these same passages. Also includes an appendix drawn from Antony Damiani’s work with The Enneads. Truly “the thinking person’s Plotinus.”

“This truly great book is the source of much that is most precious in the whole Western spiritual tradition.” —Jacob Needleman

“A source of the deepest ideas the mind can think; it is also a bible of beauty.” —James Hillman

“MacKenna’s translations of his words are ingenious, gorgeous, and Irish.” —Robert Bly

Publisher’s Description: 

The best edition to dateof the unabridged definitive Stephen MacKenna translation.

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