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Living and Loving More
Paperback Book
November, 2018
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A look at how people are giving themselves a choice to love another way.

The heart is not like a box that gets filled up, but expands in size the more you love.

Enlightened words you wouldnt expect to hear from the computer in the movie Her, but it also rings true for humans. More people than ever are exploring the possibility of opening up their relationships and not only that, they are fighting for their legal rights to love however and whomever they choose.

In Polyamorous, reporter Jenny Yuen digs into why open relationships are such a hot topic, why theyre becoming more normalized, and how relationships with multiple partners can be a practical alternative to monogamy and an intriguing expedition through uncharted emotional territory. Couples are clearing a path for throuples, quads, and relationship anarchists who navigate through jealousy and reach a place of compersion feeling joy because your partner feels joy with another as pairing off is no longer the default option for many. For some, polyamory is just a part of who they are.

Poly is love. Infinite.

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