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The Polyamory Breakup Book

Causes, Prevention, and Survival
Paperback Book
Thorntree Press
October, 2019
$23.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Polyamory is not always easy. With multiple partners often come more complex relationships to navigate. This practical guide looks at the common causes of polyamorous breakups, identifies strategies to avoid ending relationships, and provides you with the toolkit to survive a breakup. Kathy Labriola uses real life examples and expert insight as a counselor and nurse. From how to handle jealousy to the practicalities of managing money and time with multiple partners, this book includes tips and insights from the polyamory community. It is inevitable that some relationships will end in a breakup. This book helps you maintain friendships and minimize the impact of a breakup on the rest of your polycule and wider community. Unlike traditional breakup guides, Labriolas book offers insight specific to the polyamory community and addresses the unique challenges that come with multiple partners.

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