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The Positivity Workbook for Teens

Skills to Help You Increase Optimism, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset
Paperback Book
New Harbinger Publications
December, 2020
$24.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Discover the secret to positivity by tapping into your inner strengths!

As a teen, your brain is changing every day. Youre more aware of the challenges and difficulties of life. Youre questioning everything. And you can tell when grownups are being fake or dishonest. All of these sudden realizations can be overwhelming, and as a result, you may fall into a negativity trap. And while theres nothing wrong with a little sarcasm or skepticismafter a while, negative thoughts have a way of turning inward, causing stress, damaging your self-esteem, and crushing your confidence. So, how can you start building thereal positivity you need to be happy, healthy, and in control of your life?

You only need to look inside yourself.

In this unique workbook, youll learn to tap into the power of your own character strengthssuch as bravery, creativity, being a good friend, perseverance, honesty, and morein order to build self-confidence, boost a positive attitude, and cope with the inevitable stress of life. Youll also find out how to spot strengths in those around you, such as friends, family, teachers, and more. Finally, youll discover how your own character strengths can help bolster your engagement in life, enhance positive and healthy relationships, give your life greater meaning, increase your accomplishments, and even improve your physical health.

This isnt a workbook to help you be sunny and happy for the benefit of others. Its not a workbook to help you ignore the difficulties and injustices of our world. What itisis a toolkit for finding your own inner strengths and using those strengths to be your very best. Imagine all you can accomplish with the power of real positivityboth for yourself and the world!

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