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The Power of Myth

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Paperback Book
June, 1991
$23.00 CAD
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This is the first popularly priced, non-illustrated publication of the actual texts of the now historic Campbell-Moyers interviews, which brought mythology alive in a new way for millions of people. The earlier version of this book, which we still carry, is beautifully illustrated in colour.

“This companion volume to the PBS television series makes an argument—unintentional but nonetheless powerful—for the superiority of print over television....As fascinating as the TV show is, the book is even better, for two reasons. first, it contains a lot of material that time constraints forced out of the series. Second and more important, it allows time for reflection. . . It’s a journey worth taking.” —Atlanta Journal.

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Finally available in a popularly priced,non-illustrated, smaller-format edition, which is idealfor the college market and general reader alike,this extraordinary best-seller is a brilliantevocation of the noted scholar's teachings on mythology.The author of the bestselling Hero With a Thousand Faces touches on subjects ranging from modern marriage to virgin births, from Jesus to John Lennon, in an intriguing and entertaining attempt to explain our world.

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