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The Power of the New Spirituality

How to Live a Life of Compassion and Personal Fulfillment
Paperback Book
Quest Books
November, 2012
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The Power of The New Spirituality helps us explore ourselves more deeply. It is an invaluable tool for increasing a sense of integrity, inner strength, and personal joy. It will also help us connect more strongly with family members, friends, and colleagues and forge a sense of being in the driver's seat of our lives. Today's society makes ever-increasing demands on us. But in the practice of modern spirituality, we can find heartening new solutions that give us the energy, motivation, and inspiration to develop ourselves and transform our world.

"Dr. Bloom eloquently articulates a spirituality that reaches across the boundaries we have created between ourselves and nature and one another. Opening a path for healing, he enables us to create wholeness. If ever a book were needed today, this is it." —David Spangler, author of Apprenticed to Spirit

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