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Prayers For A Thousand Years

Blessings and Expressions of Hope for the New Millennium
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Paperback Book
March, 1999
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Auspicious and medicinal from those jewel-hearted editors who brought us Earth Prayers and Life Prayers, this is a book to savour and to give others for inspiration and encouragement and reading aloud as the 21st century dawns. Roberts and Amidon have collected hundreds of millennial wishes and blessings—most of which have been written especially for this volume—from a diverse group of distinguished international contributors. Spiritual teachers, poets and activists, political leaders, youth, artists and visionaries—all are joined together here, forming a testament to what we love in this world.

The enduring themes sung by this chorale of voices will resonate through the years of the new millennium as expressions of what matters most to us—justice, love, compassion, democracy, beauty, community, gratefulness. And above all—life! The voices here sing of life’s recurring resurrection from fear and hatred. They sing of hope in the face of all the tragedies we humans have brought down upon ourselves. And they ask us to remember. Remember what makes life worth living. Remember that caring for the well-being of others is the same as caring for ourselves. Remember that this beautiful earth, our home, is sacred.

The turn of the century and the millennium is a fitting time to call forth these reminders.

 The writings are organized into the following themes: Visions of Hope, Opening Our Hearts, This Moment in Time, Creating Communities of Peace, For the Children, This Holy Earth, Prayers of Solidarity and Justice, Reflections on Politics, Economics, and Morality, Parables of our Time, and We the People. Each theme is carefully introduced by the editors in such a way that the whole fabric begins to shine with “the pattern that connects.”

This book can be read silently, its meanings touching you in that silence. But most of the written words printed here call to be spoken aloud. By speaking them aloud we connect to the oral traditions that are far older than the written word—the oral traditions of poetry and chanting, parable and song that guided our ancestors for millennia before us.

Prayers for a Thousand Years is an ecumenical prayer book for all who care for the future of the human family—and all life on Mother Earth. It’s backed by an “honorary council” of some 40 distinguished leaders and teachers who have lent the weight of their names and the contents of their address books to the making of this beautiful, strong book.

It is time to come together in respect, understanding, and the common breaking of our many daily breads together. Our shared words of faith must be these: communion (not conversion), respect, and love with compassion.  —Rev. James Morton


We’ve been foolish, small-minded, cruel even, but dear sweet earth keeps composting everything, even our sins.... If we will only learn to receive life’s smile, and give it back through our very pores, it will all be okay. I’m sure of it. —Mary Vineyard


My prayer for the millennium is a dance, a wild, blissful dance, a paean of beat and bone and breath and blood.... Inside my cathedral of bones, my blood pulses, my skin tingles with sweat—pounding heart, swirling breath—and, for a moment, I remember: God is the dance. —Gabrielle Roth

“This is the honest, oracular, many-footed gathering we’ve been listening for.” —Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi

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In Prayers for a Thousand Years, Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon have collected hundreds of wishes, blessings, stories, and challenges-almost all written especially for this volume-from a diverse group of distinguished international contributors. Spiritual teachers, poets and activists, political leaders, youth, artists and visionaries-all are joined together here for the first time, sharing their personal appeals for peace and understanding. Organized around eternal themes-such as creating communities of peace, reflections on politics, economics, and morality, and our holy earth-this book is a profound and lively collection of empowering visions for our common future and a celebration of the infinite variations of universal hope.The editors of the 250,000-copy best-seller Earth Prayers from Around the World have assembled over 250 millennial benedictions by prominent spiritual teachers, writers and activists from around the world-most written especially for this volume-in a stunning gift package. This unique collection expresses and celebrates the myriad variations of our collective hopes for peace, justice and healing in the new millennium.

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