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Prelude To Ascension

Tools for Transformation
Paperback Book
Light Technology Publishing
June, 1995
$41.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Here is a grand text of the previously unpublished (except as transcriptions sold by the Tibetan Foundation) work of Janet McClure, an internationally renowned channel who brought us Djwhal Khul, Atlanto, and, most importantly, Vywamus. Ranging from her early channeling of the Tibetan through the final epochal new material delivered before she left her body (in Egypt in 1990), this information covers an enormous range of the teachers’ information and energy.

Vywamus through Janet McClure focused on these three points:

1.       New information to help us understand the new reality and our expanded potential;

2.       Clearing techniques to release false belief systems to allow the soul more room to begin to function in the third dimension;

3.       Channeling techniques — the process and practice of channeling, which allows a deeper connection to the channeler’s soul/god-self, thus is an extremely powerful tool for personal transformation and for helping others.

The wide-ranging material is present in 84 chapters in the following nine parts:

·    Your Four Bodies - Djwhal Khul

·    The Tibetan Lesson Series - D.K.

·    The Twelve Rays - D.K.

·    Energy and Light - D.K.

·    Integrative Techniques - Atlanto

·    The Evolutionary Process - Vywamus

·    Tools of Transformation - Vywamus

·    You in the New Age - Vywamus

·    Cocreator University - Vywamus

We want to talk about the physical body. What’s going on in your physical body? What are the cells really doing? And what in the world is a cell?... We’re going to transfer all of your potential into your physical structure. We will be assisted by every teacher available (because we all consider this a privilege) plus all of the angelic kingdom....

Drinking a lot of water helps to wash out the resistances (or the crystallization) that you are getting rid of.... If you will go through a period of drinking twelve glasses of water a day, you will get to the point where the reservoir in each of your cells is filled.... This is one of the most beneficial things you can do right now.

Publisher’s Description: 

Janet McClure, cofounder and president of The Tibetan Foundation--a group founded to disseminate spiritual information and train channels--authors this work of Vywamus' previously unpublished channelings.Light Technology Publishing proudly presents the previously unpublished (except as transcriptions sold by the Tibetan Foundation) work of Janet McClure. Ranging from her early channeling through the final epochal new maerial delivered before she left her body, this information is of immense value and timeliness,

Softcover 800p.

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