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Presence; A Collection

Music CD
Sounds Earth
January, 2016
$18.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

"Hearts Awakening" by Parijat is from the album Reiki Healing Waves showcases the fluid, soothing sound of Parijat, which can be felt resonating deep within the heart.

From Sangita Yoga, Naren's "Shiva Pranam" is an intricate interplay of exotic instruments and Naren's comforting voice.

Deuter's "Dmmerschein" from his album, East of the Full Moon, gently lifts up listeners into a relaxed space.

"New Moon" comes to us from Chinmaya Dunster?s Buddha Moon. It is a track that combines re.ective and inspiring forces.

"Om Shanti" brings the listener into a space filled with the sacred sounds of nature. This track is from Terry Oldfield's album Mandala - Circle of Chant.

"Drei" evokes the sense of absorbing wildlife's inherent magic through the sounds of birds singing over a lulling piano melody. This track is from Deuter's Atmospheres.

Deuter's "Tonglen", from Illumination of the Heart, placidly ventures through a mysterious expanse, filled with joyful flute and string sounds.

Intriguing and rich, Hans Christian's "Between Dawn and Dusk" from Nanda Devi, invites you into an exploratory realm of relaxation.

"Vedic Chanting" by Manish Vyas, which closes out Presence, is a lovely combination of collective voices and music that convey a deep sense of devotion and love.

Total running time: 1:09:17

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