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Preventing Prostate Cancer

Reduce Your Risk with Simple, Proactive Choices
Paperback Book
September, 2022
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More than half of all men will develop prostate problems during their lifetimes, while one in eight will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Even when prostate cancer is successfully treated, the side effects from the treatments (such as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and sepsis) can be devastating. Dr. Gavi, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, teamed up with researcher Maya Eylon to compile more than one hundred recent, reliable, and relevant international studies on the effects of diet on prostate health. The good news is that scientific research has confirmed that 50 percent of prostate cancer cases can be prevented by making simple dietary changes, along with screening for precursors, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising adequately. Dr. Gavi summarizes these findings in easy-to-understand terminology, with each study fully referenced. Readers discover how key compounds in specific foods work to prevent cancer cells from forming. Cruciferous vegetables (glucosinolates), tomatoes (lycopene), soy foods (isoflavones), and green tea (catechins) are the superfoods that make a difference. Recommendations are provided for the optimum way to prepare these foods and for how much of each food is needed to reap the greatest health benefits. The two types of prostate check-ins (screening and diagnostic tests) are also discussed, and a prostate cancer self-screening checklist is provided. The findings and information presented are powerful tools that can empower men to make vital lifestyle changes that will have a significant impact on their health.

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