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Prosperity Every Day

A Daily Companion on Your Journey to Greater Wealth and Happiness
Paperback Book
January, 2015
$17.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 
With wisdom and strategies for becoming more prosperous every day of the year, this essential little volume from bestselling author Julia Cameron serves as a daily reminder of how to live a full and abundant life.

People think of prosperity as a fiscal bottom line. When I have X amount of money, I will feel better. The truth is that prosperity is a spiritual bottom line, and the formula should actually be: When I have X amount of faith, I will feel better. Julia Cameron

In this collection of 365 reflections on prosperity, readers will discover how they can become more prosperous with each new day of the year. According to Cameron, true prosperity has nothing to do with money. Rather, prosperity is about appreciating the life you have, even as you take practical steps to better your financial situation. Prosperity Every Day offers daily support on your journey toward greater prosperityboth in your wallet and in your life. Read daily, these meditations will put you on a spiritual path that will improve your solvency.

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