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Psychedelics Encyclopedia

Third Revised Expanded Edition
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Paperback Book
January, 1993
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Psychedelics Encyclopedia, first published in 1977 and well revised and expanded in later editions, draws from scientific research, personal accounts and popular literature to document the properties attributed to psychedelic substances, their preparation and use, and teh shifting social attitudes toward them over the past half-century. This is a remarkable sourcebook for anyone interested in the psychological, biological, physiological and cultural aspects of psychedelic drugs. It’s a fascinating historical reference on psychedelia, from the LSD-25 of the Sixties to the memory and cognitive enhancers of today. The book includes over 200 illustrations.

Covers: The LSD family; Marijuana and reltives; Peyote; Mescaline & San Pedra; Psychoactive Mushrooms; the MDA cluster; Yage & Harmaline: Ibogaine; short-acting Truptamines (DMT, DET, DPT); Nootropics; others.

It includes history, botany, pharmacology, physical effects, mental effects, forms, sources, purity tests, biographies, updates, and more.

Includes a foreword by Andrew Weil.

“Peter Stafford’s encyclopedic guide to psychedelics is a gas to read. It is scholarly, hip, scientific, witty, well-written, hopeful, and a treasure chest of weird and wonderful information.” —Robert Anton Wilson

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