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The Psychic Pathway

A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul
Paperback Book
May, 1995
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Banyen's Description: 

This new metaphysical workbook is a practical twelve-week program designed to expand awareness, reconnect with one’s intuition and imagination, and discover one’s personal pathways of soul. More than just describing life on a spiritual level, this book tells how to do it. “Being psychic is living in the world differently,” says Sonia. “It is connecting to your pathway of genuine gratification, offering you a profound sense of real security and opening your heart and mind to your core essence.” A third-generation psychic, Sonia has taught her psychic pathway program for over fifteen years.

Skills taught include:

·    clearing away interferences through meditation

·    keeping a psychic journal of coincidences

·    slowing down and organizing space

·    clearing away negativity

·    seeing the auras of others

·    understanding the chakras and learning how to ground energy

·    discovering the soul’s true desires

·    opening to divine helpers, teachers, masters, angels

·    using psychic tools such as the pendulum, the Tarot, and the I Ching

Throughout, she gives interesting examples of how psychic awareness has changed her own life and the lives of her clients.

My teacher Charlie taught me to observe, not absorb, energy when doing service for others.

I know being affected by auras sounds farfetched, but it really isn’t. People’s moods affect others all the time.... The more sensitive you are, the more easily you will be affected by the vibrations people carry in their auras. Yet people are not in the habit of noticing how another’s energy affects them.

Once you embark on the psychic pathway, you must begin to notice everything. The simple act of paying attention will alert you to many new levels of energy influencing you.

Publisher’s Description: 

A practical, step-by-step, 12-week interactive program that teaches you how to develop the intuitive sense that lies within you and to live in accordance with the soul's purpose by discovering your center of spiritual power. The Psychic Pathway refines intuition into a life-enhancing tool that can be used every day.

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