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The Psychology Bible

The Definitive Guide to the Science of the Mind
Paperback Book
Firefly Books
September, 2017
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The Psychology Bible presents more than an introduction to the discipline. It is applicable to anyone and everyone and we are all curious about why we think and feel the way we do.

The topics include:

  • The history of psychology, the "science of the mind"
  • Biographies of the most influential psychologists of our times
  • The ordinary people who made great contributions to psychology
  • The theories that shaped society and the experiments that changed the world
  • Fascinating psychological phenomena, such as Freudian Slips and False Memory
  • How to use psychology to feel happier, manage anger, tell when someone is lying, encourage someone to stop smoking, improve your memory, and much more.

These definitive guides to
their subjects together have sold over three million copies worldwide. Their success is undoubtedly owed to the comprehensiveness and quality of content, for an excellent price, and the smaller size is nonetheless filled with 400 illustrations.

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