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Qi Healing

Energy Medicine Teachniques to Heal Yourself and Others
Sounds True
May, 2005
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Banyen's Description: 

’s 3,000-year-old tradition of therapeutic qigong is presented by Ken Cohen on these two videos. Therapeutic qigong is so effective—yet so simple to learn—that it is now being used by hospitals and clinics throughout
to accelerate wound healing, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce the symptoms of many other disorders. On Qi Healing, you will learn to release stagnant qi (or “life force”) in others, detoxify their internal energy systems, and restore a healthy balance of qi flow throughout all the tissues of the body. Taught by Ken Cohen, one of the most respected qigong authorities, this complete instructional course on DVD demonstrates every step for administering healing qi energy to others safely and effectively. Two detailed sessions include:

ª  How to Be a Healer: Preparation Exercises and Wellness Energy Treatments—Self-healing practices to build your own abundant reservoir of qi—the essential foundation of any successful qigong healer. Includes exercises for mental and physical clarity; methods for organ cleansing; how to sense qi glow in the hands and fingers; and more.

ª  Restoring Balance: Energy Assessment and Treatment—Specific external qigong practices to direct qi precisely for maximum healing effect. Includes hands-on assessment methods; Sword Fingers, Circling Hands, and Palm Techniques; and many other specific treatments for healing others with your own qi energy.

Also by Ken Cohen is The Way of Qigong.

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