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Quieting the Monkey Mind

How to Meditate with Music
Paperback Book
Soundings Of The Planet
March, 2018
$25.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Drawing from over four decades of creating music for meditation and yoga [Banyen has offered many of the Evensons’ albums}, Quieting the Monkey Mind is filled with practical tips, exercises, photos, and illustrations to support readers on an empowering journey of finding inner peace in our often chaotic world.

Rich with gorgeous colour illustrations, Quieting The Monkey Mind shares some basic principles of meditation along with a wide array of sound tools and practices that can be used to take one into deeper states of inner peace and meditative bliss.

To the often asked question “What is the benefit of meditation and music?”, co-author Dudley Evenson shares,

What we endeavored to accomplish with Quieting the Monkey Mind, is to help make meditation understandable, accessible and simple to do. At its core, meditation is an inner training of our mental processes to attain a calm state of centered balance, awareness and spiritual expansiveness. It is a powerful and beneficial tool that can assist you in all aspects of your life. Silence and music are not only calming but deeply healing.

Quieting the Monkey Mind provides some helpful answers to these questions and many more:

  • What is the difference between prayer and meditation?
  • How can we let go of our thoughts?
  • How do we choose music that enhances meditation?
  • What is the benefit of a regular meditation practice?
  • What is our goal in contemplation?
  • How do we use breath to focus the mind?

This creative guide for using music as a tool for enhancing meditation offers sage advice for integrating meditative practices of sounding, chanting, mantra, affirmations, kirtan, working with singing bowls, and many other creative methods to expand the self-tuning options you can bring to lifeQuieting the Monkey Mind offers its readers a brilliant medicine bundle of inspirations for how to participate in this age-old search for deep, meaningful, sonic resonance in our lives, relationships, and world…


It offers a wealth of practical guidance for developing and sustaining a personal meditation practice with music. For those more experienced in contemplative practice or modern psychonauts who are seeking new ways to refine, deepen, and expand their consciousness, musical practices are offered to help one listen more deeply to the subtle interweaving harmonies of compl3ex waveforms of the music of life. For beginners or for experienced meditators, this book is a jewel with the power and potential to heal the world. —Joel & Michelle Levey, from the foreword

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