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Radical Compassion

Learning to Love Yourself and Your World with the Practice of RAIN
Paperback Book
December, 2020
$24.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

One of the most beloved and trusted mindfulness teachers offers us a lifeline for difficult times: the RAIN meditation, which awakens our courage and heart.

Tara Brach is an in-the-trenches dharma teacher and psychotherapist whose work counters today's ever-increasing onslaught of news, conflict, demands, and anxieties—stresses that leave us rushing around on auto-pilot and cut off from the presence and creativity that give our lives meaning.

In this heartfelt and deeply practical book, she offers good medicine: an easy-to-learn four-step meditation that quickly loosens the grip of difficult emotions and limiting beliefs. Each step in the meditation practice (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) is brought to life by memorable stories shared by Tara and her students as they deal with feelings of overwhelm, loss, and self-aversion, with painful relationships, and past trauma—and as they discover step-by-step the sources of love, forgiveness, compassion, and deep wisdom alive within all of us.

This book will develop  your capacity for radical compassion. You’ll learn to work with RAIN through a weave of stories and direct teaching, guided meditations, and many opportunities for self-reflection. You’ll see how insights from modern neuroscience help explain the profound and enduring impact of RAIN. You’ll also hear responses to the questions my students ask, and the many creative ways they’ve found to customize their practice.

Mindfulness teacher Tara Brach has hit a home run with this book. She offers us a life-changing tool to open our awareness with love and healing. This important book is as practical as it is profound.

If we want to cultivate the trait of loving presence—if we want to embody and express it consistently in our lives—we need to practice turning toward love many times a day. We need to pay attention in ways that warm, soften, and open our hearts. This doesn’t mean looking for a big emotional experience. Just the “turning toward” plants the seeds.

“Tara Brach has an uncanny ability to home in precisely on what we need in the moment, so we can meet that need from within. She teaches a simple but life-changing practice to bring presence and compassion to any moment of shame or longing or struggle, transforming our pain into love. This book is a treasure.” —Kristin Neff, author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

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