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Raga Revelry

A Journey Through North Indian Classical Music (2 disc DVD)
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March, 2017
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A calling card for India, Raga Revelry invites those with any interest in India; the abiding philosophy of the land reflected in its culture and arts, and specifically, to the evolving tradition of North Indian Classical (Hindustani) music. Woven into the narrative are fundamental music appreciation concepts that prepare a listener for the increasingly popular vocal or instrumental concerts of the North Indian classical tradition.

The 16 Study Tracks complement the film and deepen the understanding of concepts lightly introduced in the film. Topics include: A Comparison to Western Music, Mastering Solpha Syllables, Voice Production Improvisation, Vocalization in Rhythm and the Significance of the Listener in this music. The explanations assume no knowledge of Indian music and provide a logical step-by-step progression to enhance the viewer’s listening capability.

Available as a 2-DVD, this product is recommended for viewers wishing to expand their knowledge of India, Indian arts/culture, world music, Indian philosophy and spirituality and the evolving nature of music in the sub-continent. RAGA REVELRY is a fun, accessible introduction to the centuries-old tradition of North Indian classical music, colloquially referred to as Raga Music. For thousands of years, musicians have dedicated their lives to preserving this un-written heritage that evokes a vivid range of emotions and moods and invites the listener to transcend their personality-self. The film explores the origins and ancient techniques of the use of sound and vocal cord expansion, both in praise of the numinous, and as a connection to our spiritual selves.

The viewer is transported to the heart of Indian culture through one man’s journey to create a permanent sanctuary in modern India for this ancient, rich tradition. Vijay Kichlu a renowned musicologist and the recipient of India’s highest recognition for a practicing artist (Sangeet Natak Akademi Award) exposes the abiding philosophy and the structures of melody (raga) and rhythm (tala) making this eternal sound accessible to any ear. The Rasa the essence or soul of this music is palpably felt in the interviews and performances by some of India’s best-known artists as well as in the revelry and camaraderie between the musicians.

The educational quality of the film is recommended by India’s premier national arts academy, the Sangeet Natak Akademi.

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