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Raising Good Humans

A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids
Paperback Book
New Harbinger Publications
December, 2019
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An essential, must-read for all parentsnow more than ever!

A kinder, more compassionate world starts with kind and compassionate kids. InRaising Good Humans, youll find powerful and practical strategies to break free from reactive parenting habits and raise kind, cooperative, and confident kids.

Whether youre running late for school, trying to get your child to eat their vegetables, or dealing with an epic meltdown in the checkout line at a grocery storebeing a parent is hard work! And, as parents, many of us react in times of stress without thinkingoften by yelling. But what if, instead of always reacting on autopilot, you could respond thoughtfully in those moments, keep your cool, and get from A to B on time and in one piece?

With this book, youll find powerful mindfulness skills for calming your own stress response when difficult emotions arise. Youll also discover strategies for cultivating respectful communication, effective conflict resolution, and reflective listening. In the process, youll learn to examine your own unhelpful patterns and ingrained reactions that reflect the generational habits shaped byyourparents, so you can break the cycle and respond to your children in more skillful ways.

When children experience a parent reacting with kindness and patience,they learn to act with kindness as wellthereby altering generational patterns for a kinder, more compassionate future. With this essential guide, youll see how changing your own autopilot reactions can create a lasting positive impact, not just foryourkids, but for generations to come.

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