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Paperback Book
Ramakrishna Vivekanada Center {RAMVC}
June, 1980
$20.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

By Swami Vivekananda, Raja-Yoga, the path of meditation and control of the mind, gives a scientific treatment of Yoga philosophy describing methods of concentration, psychic development and the liberation of the soul from bondage of the body. Raja Yoga’s conclusions are based not on mere theory or speculation, but on facts that have been tested time and again through practice. Its approach to life’s problems is objective. Its analysis of the problems is scientific, and its way of overcoming them is pragmatic. Raja-Yoga also includes Swami Vivekananda’s translation and commentary of the "Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali." Raja-Yoga, along with Swami Vivekananda’s Karma-Yoga, Bhakti-Yoga, and Jnana-Yoga, are considered classics and outstanding treatises on Hindu philosophy. Quality Paperback. Pages 297

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