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Realities Of The Dreaming Mind

The Practice of Dream Yoga
Paperback Book
January, 2004
$24.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Swami Radha, founder of Yasodhara Ashram in
KootenayBay, B.C., taught dream groups as well as teaching yoga for over thirty years. In Realities of the Dreaming Mindfirst published in 1994 and now reissued in a lovely new edition—she writes candidly about the intimate inner world of dreaming, giving strong evidence that dreams are not the incoherent ramblings of a sleeping mind but are reflections of another reality which intersects with our waking reality.

Her straightforward and practical technique for working with dreams illustrates the many types of dreams that can occur—from decision-making through prophetic dreams—and the many levels of meaning—from the psychological to the spiritual. Her tapestry, which weaves insights of East and West, intuition and rationality, along with helpful suggested exercises, can give dreamers the tools to appreciate and understand their own dream narratives and images. Realities of the Dreaming Mind is based on experience rather than theory, enabling the author to take her readers on a personal tour of her own dream odyssey and to give them practical advice on remembering and working with their dreams.

The subconscious is gracious enough to provide the dream but leaves the interpretation up to the dreamer. Realities of the Dreaming Mind is interspersed with fascinating examples of dream interpretations, including the role played by intuition.  The book is especially useful for anyone who has recurring dreams or themes they wish to explore fully.  This process is much like reading a mystery novel where clues to the meaning of a dream are pieced together by looking at the events, setting, symbols, and other significant details.  The results can be very useful in making decisions or understanding life’s bigger picture.

Dreamers will be reassured to know a tried and true method is available when they awaken from a dream asking, “What was that all about?”

Publisher’s Description: 

Realities of the Dreaming Mind provides tools for developing a personally meaningful method of dream interpretation as well as presenting detailed Dream Yoga practices and exercises. The book offers guidance from a collection of the author's personal dreams and includes a list of current dream work resources for further study.

Realities of the Dreaming Mind presents an innovative method of dream interpretation that helps you explore the many dimensions of your own personal dream state. Using the Dream Yoga exercises and practices, discover the messages in your dreams and see how they can offer guidance in your everyday life.

This guide to dream analysis thoroughly investigates prophetic dreams, dreams about past lives and dreams containing spiritual guidance. Using her own dream experiences, Swami Sivananda Radha provides practical tools to help you uncover the buried treasure of your subconscious mind.

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