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Recovery From Cancer

The Remarkable Story of One Woman's Struggle with Cancer & What She Did to Beat the Odds
Paperback Book
Square One Publishers
October, 2003
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The words slowly sank inMrs. Nussbaum, you have cancer. So began Elaine Nussbaums personal struggle with this frightening disease. Despite surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, the cancer spread to Elaines bones and lungs. Finally, she stopped all treatments and began to practice macrobiotics in a last-ditch effort to save her life. Slowly, steadily, she regained her health. Here, in Elaines own words, is her story of recovery against all oddsa dramatic and

moving account that offers hope to cancer patientseverywhere.Author’s true-life story of cancer survival through active health management and alternative therapies, macrobiotics, family support, and sheer determination.

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