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Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul

How to Create a New You
Paperback Book
October, 2010
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Revisiting the connection between health and consciousness, Deepak Chopra now takes the process a step further, showing how the body is actually a reflection of the mind, “a symbol in flesh and blood of everything you think and feel.” From early childhood, each of us has been inventing our bodies and ourselves—through beliefs, habits, conditioning, and our responses to everyday stress. But we have done this unconsciously, which is why we may end up feeling unfulfilled. Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul reconnects readers to their ideal self and guides them step-by-step through a remarkable process of renewal. “If you want to change your body in the present, you must transform the mind you inherited from the past.”

You cannot evolve to a higher existence unless the body is invited to become part of the journey. Life is meant to be a complete experience. People keep struggling with problems both physical and mental, never suspecting the root cause: that the link between body and soul has been severed. I wrote this book in the hope of restoring that bond.

Filled with techniques and approaches based on recent research, this book gives readers some powerful tools.

You are inventing your body in every moment of life. Why not take control and reinvent it from the highest level?

Among Deepak Chopra’s many other books are The Third Jesus and Life After Death.

Publisher’s Description: 

Fifteen years after his #1 New York Times bestseller, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra revisits "the forgotten miracle"the body's infinite capacity for change and renewal. You cannot take advantage of this miracle, Chopra says, unless you are willing to completely reinvent your body, transforming it from a material object to a dynamic, flowing process. "Your physical body is a fiction," Chopra contends. Every cell is made up of two invisible ingredients: awareness and energy.

Using Chopra's ten steps to wholeness, you can harness those basic elements to change the distorted energy patterns that are the root cause of aging, infirmity, and disease.

Transformation can't stop with the body, however; it must involve the soul. The soulseemingly invisible, aloof, and apart from the material worldactually creates the body. Only by going to the level of the soul will you access your full potential, bringing more intelligence, creativity, and awareness into every aspect of your life.

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul delivers ten breakthroughsfive for the body, five for the soulthat lead to self-transformation. In clear, accessible terms, Chopra shows us how to commit ourselves to deeper awareness, focus on relationships instead of consumption, embrace every day as a new world, and transcend the obstacles that afflict body and mind.

Deepak Chopra has inspired millions with his profound teachings over the years. His bestselling books have explored the mind/body connection and the power of spirit. With his latest book, he invites you to experience with him the miracles that unfold when we connect the body directly to the awesome mysteries that give life meaningdirectly to the soul. When you have completed this journey, after reinventing your body and resurrecting your soul, the ecstasy of true wholeness becomes possible for the very first time.

From the Hardcover edition.

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