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Religions Values And Peak Experiences

Paperback Book
April, 1994
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Banyen's Description: 

This classic “shot heard round the psychological world” explores the ecstatic “peak experiences” of prophets and mystics, from which the essential meanings of religion were originally conceived, and reveals how they can—and why they should—be experienced by virtually anyone. Maslow explains how by awakening in themselves the capacity for rapture and transcendence, men and women can realize the best aims of religion: to inspire, to awe, to comfort, to guide in value choices—and to induce Dionysian states of celebration. In our techno-tyranny of speed and commerce, such “glimpses of heaven” can help people answer fundamental questions and, ultimately, give meaning to their lives. Abe’s insights, so articulately expressed, remain important today and foreshadow the decades of consciousness research that would follow his death in 1970. In a way, he was a god father of Banyen.

Very important today in a topical sense is the realization that plateau-experiencing can be achieved, learned, earned by long hard work. It can be meaningfully aspired to. But I don’t know of any way of bypassing the necessary maturing, experiencing, living, learning. All of this takes time. A transient glimpse is certainly possible in the peak-experiences which may, after all, come sometimes to anyone. But so to speak, to take up residence on the high plateau of Unitive consciousness—that is another matter altogether. That tends to be a lifelong effort.

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