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The Return Of Merlin

Paperback Book
March, 1996
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Banyen's Description: 

Deepak Chopra, well-known and respected for his many books on healing, Ayurveda, and spiritual growth here ventures into fiction with his first novel. It’s an adventure yarn about the legendary healer and wizard Merlin of King Arthur’s Court reincarnated in our own dark age of wars, pollution, predation and hatred. This story of magic and karma is about the metaphysics of personal transformation—an inspiring and surprisingly well-written saga with a deeper message.

Merlin—the name evokes images of mystery, magic, adventure, wonder, and enchantment. The wizard is the central figure in one of the most enduring myths of our culture, the story of King Arthur and his kingdom, Camelot. In early versions of the legend, Merlin is the keeper of all knowledge; all-powerful, all-seeing, eternal. This version, The Return of Merlin, is about waking up the wizard that sleeps within all of us, so that we can reclaim the field of pure knowledge and dream a new world into reality, from the purity of our hearts. The wizard’s tower is that sacred place inside, where there are gods and goddesses in embryo; their only desire to be born, to manifest into form. This story then, is meant to be understood on many levels. It is fantasy, but it is also a reminder of the ambiguity of being human. It is a reminder that life is an open horizon, and that we are magical beings. It is a reminder that in each of our lives, there are moments when we rise to a privileged place, where everyday acts take on mystical meaning.

—from the Introduction


Publisher’s Description: 

The author of the million-copy best-seller Ageless Body, Timeless Mind emerges as a powerful new force in fiction with a luminously written novel about the final act of the Arthurian legend playing out in modern England. The Return of Merlin is a brilliantly realized narrative that begins in Arthurian times and jumps boldly to our own 20th-century dark age of war, pollution, predation, and hatred--with a message of hope.

From the Hardcover edition."Although a book of incandescent fiction, The Return of Merlin is rich with the spiritual themes identified with Deepak Chopra: the hidden possibilities of wonder in the everyday world, the peace that lies behind the infinite masks of change, and the miraculous transformations made possible by shifts of perception. The message Merlin delivers is that ""we can dream a new world from the purity of our own hearts."" The rebirth of Camelot becomes vision and prophecy."

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