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Returning to Sacred World

A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality
Paperback Book
O Books
November, 2010
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This book makes a compelling case that a widespread and radical consciousness transformation is urgently needed on this planet if we are going to survive and thrive in the years, decades, and centuries to come.

In Returning to Sacred World, Stephen Gray eloquently explains our spiritual predicament in this time of crisis and potential “rebirth” for humankind, and offers extensively ‘field-tested’ teachings and tools for healing and awakening. These include:

ª  the universal practice of simple mindfulness/awareness meditation

ª  prayer—especially as it’s understood in the indigenous cosmos

ª  the ceremonial use of visionary/teaching/healing plant medicines. Elders from indigenous traditions are saying that, though they are controversial and poorly understood, the plant medicines—when used properly (and this is key)—are being offered to more and more of us at this time as powerful allies to help us heal ourselves and our planet.

Mystics and indigenous wisdom keepers are now seeing that as the old worldview begins to crack and unravel, an opening has been created for a lifesaving vision which is arising from, and may yet unite, all corners of the Earth. The vision tells that to sustain our world we need to transcend dogmas, boundaries and hesitation.

The message is that we must and we can discover the unconditional confidence that as intelligent spiritual beings, we are fully capable of awakening to our innate wisdom and our connectedness to each other, the living Earth, and the heart of the Great Spirit. It’s a message of hope in a time of upheaval and confusion.

“This wonderful book is sure to provide answers for many who seek their own healing as well as the healing of the world.” —Martin Ball, author of Mushroom Wisdom

Stephen Gray of British Columbia has forty years’ experience as a student, teacher and researcher of spiritual practices. Much of this experience has transcended boundaries and placed him at the centre of the vision for planetary healing. He has a long and deep background in Tibetan Buddhism, a strong connection to the Native American Church and involvement with other shamanic traditions, notably Amazonian ayahuasca shamanism.



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Publisher’s Description: 

Powerful ancient and leading edge visions and teachings for healing ourselves and our world through meditation prayer and sacred plant practices.

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