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The Revolutionary Love Training Course

How to Love Others, Our Opponents, and Ourselves
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
October, 2021
$103.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

How can we practice love in a time of turmoil? How do we look upon the face of any personeven someone who has offended, wronged, or harmed usand choose to love them? All acts of love begin in wonder, teaches Valarie Kaur. When we choose to wonder about another person, we affirm that their interior life is as vast and complex as our own. In other words, we see them as equal.

By listening deeply to the stories she encountered in her frontline social justice work, then adding insights from her studies in religion, law, ethics, and science, Kaur created the practices that make up The Revolutionary Love Training Course. In this (X)-hour audio training, she shares the insights, teachings, and guided practices that can create the most impact in your life and your community.

The issues we face as a cultureracism, sexism, war, inequality, climate change, and moreare born of our estrangement from ourselves, from others, and from the world. Pull the thread on any one issue . . . and you get the rest, Kaur teaches. It is the old way to fight only for ourselves or single causes. Love calls us to fight with solidarity, side by side. Here is a powerful and practical course for transforming yourself and the way you relate to everyone in your lifecreated for anyone who shares the vision of a world in which no one, no matter how different, is left behind.

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