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Meditations, Practices, and Skills for Awakening in Nature
Paperback Book
Sounds True
December, 2019
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In Rewilding, Kripalu director Micah Mortali brings together yoga, mindfulness, wilderness training, and ancestral skills to create a unique guide for reigniting your primal energy—your undomesticated true self—and deepening your connection with the living earth.

 For eons, humans lived intimately with the earth. We were in the wild and of the wild. Today, we live mostly urban lives—and our vital wildness has gone dormant. As a result, we’re more isolated, unhealthy, anxious, and depressed than ever, and our planet has suffered with us.

Rewilding invites us to shed the effects of over-civilization and explore an inner wisdom that is primal, ancient, and profound. Whether you live in the middle of a city or alongside the woods, the insights and practices on these pages will bring you home to your wild, wise, and alive self.

Highlights include:

  • Practice-rich content—mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, yoga and pranayama, inward sensing, forest bathing, and much more
  • The “life-force deficit”—explore how our separation from nature affects us physiologically and spiritually
  • Ancestral skills—such as tracking, foraging, building fires, and finding shelter
  • Develop a sense of calm, clarity, connection, and confidence in both your daily life and the great outdoors
  • What you can learn from nature’s teachers—lessons from mountains, rivers, trees, and our animal kin
  • Rewild in the wild—guidelines around safety, preparedness, appropriate gear, and packing lists
  • A mindful rewilding flow—put everything together in an immersive, step-by-step rewilding experience
  • Understand the relationship between our health and the health of our planet—and how we can begin to heal both.

Part celebration of the natural world, part spiritual memoir, and part how-to guide, Rewilding is for anyone who wants to embrace their wild nature and essential place in the living earth.

Rewilding can help you to take a deep breath, walk with your feet on the ground, and sit by a fire as you listen to the wind in the trees. It can help you settle back into a wisdom that is older than language and written history, something foundational to who you are. It can help us all remember what we are, where we belong, and how much we have to be grateful for on this precious planet, for the seasons still turn and birds still sing in the trees. Anyone can take a few minutes to breathe, to learn who we share this land with, and to become a part of our forests and wild communities again. We just need to slow down and open our senses to the wonder that is all around us.

Publisher’s Description: 

A unique guide to personal rewilding through mindfulness, yoga, and outdoor skills

At your core lies a wild, untamed soulone with impeccable intuition, the ability to navigate the landscapes of your inner and outer worlds, and an unbreakable connection to Source. In Rewilding, Kripalu director Micah Mortali combines elements from the yoga and Buddhist traditions with ancestral skills to create a unique guide for reconnecting with your primal energyyour undomesticated inner selfand awakening your innate bond with the natural world.

First used by conservation groups to refer to restoring natural environments, rewilding has important implications for human well-being. When we awaken our wild selves, we learn to listen to our bodies and often see our health improve. We trust our instincts and better manage our time, energy, and relationships. We cultivate the confidence to act on our hearts deepest callings. And we gain an understanding of our place in the world, learning to see ourselves as both children and caretakers of the Earth.

Mortalis Rewilding offers nature-based meditations, mindfulness practices, yoga flows, and outdoor skills such as tracking and fire-building to help you develop a sense of calm, clarity, connection, and confidence in both your daily life and the great outdoors.

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