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Riding Between The Worlds

Expanding Our Potential through the Way of the Horse
Paperback Book
New World Library
September, 2007
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Banyen's Description: 

From a highly perceptive author, equestrian, teacher, and horse trainer comes a treatise on the healing properties of horses—a follow-up to her groundbreaking work The Tao of Equus. Be they personal relationships with equine friends, fears being overcome in the saddle, or intimate experiences between rider and horse, the ways a horse can be a healer are many. “Horses,” she maintains, “model an embodied spirituality, one that is both fully present in this world and deeply connected to the soul’s divine origins.” Kohanov explores how these animals support us on both levels, leading us to unexpected realizations about fear, intuition, awareness, empowerment, and above all, authenticity.

Drawn from years of personally experiencing the intuitive connection between human and horse, Kohanov’s insights into equine wisdom are taken from real stories of those healed by horses. Her own experiences of a deep connection to her herd of horses—such as the compelling story of a foal’s birth—are also included. Her message is simple and undeniable: horses share an intense spiritual connection with humans, and tapping into that realm can do wonders for the soul.

“Linda has the courage to go beyond the limits of our current beliefs in order to help all beings. These conceptual and experiential stretches are just what we need in these challenging times. Cherish her insights into the remarkable healing connections with our kindred spirits and allow them to transform you. Read, learn, and blossom!” —Allen Schoen, author of Kindred Spirits

Publisher’s Description: 

The success of Linda Kohanovs first book, The Tao of Equus, created widespread demand for her workshops and lectures with its multidisciplinary exploration of the powerful spiritual, emotional, and psychological connection between people and horses. She received more than a thousand letters from readers around the world describing their own strange and wonderful experiences with horses. In this follow-up book she further develops these ideas, fortifying her ground-breaking theories with anecdotal evidence. Now in paper. 288 pp.

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