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The Robe Of Love

Secret Instructions for the Heart
Paperback Book
August, 2010
$25.50 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

In The Robe of Love, spellbinding storyteller Laura Simms, whom Maori elders call “as good as our grandparents,” offers us a rich tapestry of tales that unveil the secrets of love in all of its forms. Passionate, riveting, often humorous, these stories of emotional, physical, and spiritual love come from a variety of traditions, including Celtic, Inuit, Persian, Hindu, Jewish, and African. Most of the tales are prefaced by an appropriately resonant and relevant poem. As meaningful today as when they were first told, her evocative retellings of these tales of the mysteries of the heart lead us to the many faces and profound requirements of love.

My wish is that these stories open the inner eye of each reader. Like the woman in a story whose windblown veil reveals a face that cannot be forgotten once seen, I offer these tales as an irresistible glance. So the reader becomes the lover, the seeker, the fool, longings’ ceaseless companion, and the warrior of the heart who retells stories to enliven the world.

“One can never know what love will look like or what form it will take. Each of these fourteen stories is a passage to love with its own perils and triumphs, disappointments, and miracles. Each tale is a symbolic map we can unroll and study with all its hints and clues as to how we might dare to enter and re-enter our own territories of the heart.” —Terry Tempest Williams, author of Refuge and Red

A varied and subtle collection of stories, both wise and intensely engaging, on the profound instructions of love.” —Gioia Timpanelli, author of Sometimes the Soul

Publisher’s Description: 

Maori elders say Laura Simms is as good [a storyteller] as our grandparents. She is a contributing editor to Parabola magazine and co-chair of the National Healing Story Alliance. In these tales she unveils the secrets of love in all its forms. The stories are passionate, riveting and often humorous and they come from a variety of traditions including Celtic, Inuit, Persian, Hindu, Jewish, and African. Irresistible.

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