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The Sacred Chorde

Music for Meditation and Healing
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Inner Peace Music
July, 1998
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Steven Halpern’s first album, Spectrum Suite (now known as Chakra Suite), released in the late 1970s, was among the very first of a new wave of consciousness-expanding music. One of the grand daddies of what came to be called New Age music, he has released many recordings since then. As he says,

By focusing on tone and Silence, rather than rhythm, melody and harmony, I learned to create sonic environments that evoked the ‘relaxation response’ more effectively than any classical compositions. The elegant simplicity of this music comes from a place of peace that allows your ‘human instrument’ to attune to its true nature ... a state of healing, happiness and connection with Source.

On The Sacred Chorde, Halpern on his Yamaha grand piano has teamed up with Fabien Maman, a French sound healer who has created an extraordinary 77-stringed instrument, the monochorde. Inspired by a dream about Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician/ musician/healer, Fabien’s modern monochorde has a drone tone which creates an extraordinary symphony of harmonic overtones. Listen closely—you’ll hear what sounds like angelic voices, oceanic choirs, and ethereal whistling.

The ancient Greek lyre also reincarnates as the “harp” inside the piano. Steven’s signature piano style produces a rich range of overtones that evokes the space between the notes and adds hints of Celtic, Indian raga and blues. The final song is a 12-minute monochorde solo that induces an extraordinary meditative experience. “As you become one with the overtones, the waves of sound carry you deeper into your Self.”

To receive the full benefit of this music, we recommend listening simultaneously with headphones and stereo speakers. You may be seated comfortably, or lying down, with the soles of your feet pointed toward the speakers.

Among Halpern’s many other recordings are Crystal Suite, Effortless Relaxation, and Music for Lovers.



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