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Sacred Oils

Paperback Book
Hay House
October, 2018
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Discover the wisdom of a 4,000-year old sacred oil tradition, shared for the first time in written form!

Sacred Oils are medicines for soul and spirit. They are powerful tools for deep transformation, healing, and consciousness. Working with sacred oils is a 4,000-year old mystery school tradition. The knowledge of this secret tradition is passed from master to master - only a handful of people across the globe currently hold the knowledge of working with these exquisite oils. Felicity Warner is a Mistress of the Oils. Following the Mary Magdalene lineage, she uses oils to heal soul wounds, heal the light-body, and to work as a spiritual guide for those passing to the other side.
In this book, Felicity Warner guides the reader through a healing journey with twenty of the world's most sacred and treasured oils. She gives detailed guidance on the history and properties of each oil, and shows how to work with them. The book includes case studies, meditations, and mandalas, and the history of this ancient esoteric lineage dating back to Egypt, Babylon, and Mary Magdalene.

Content includes :
*Felicity's journey with the oils and the myrophore tradition
*Background of the origins, tradition, and history of the oils
*Why the oils are sacred. An explanation of how these oils work with the soul/spirit/aura and subtle bodies.
*How to get started, mixing, diluting, and applying oils; storage and blending
*How to work with these oils: working on various chakra points, anointing, placing on third eye for meditations and guidance.
*How to use the mandalas for each oil
*How to connect with an oil as your teacher

The book is aimed at anyone seeking deep healing, self-care, personal growth, and expanded consciousness, or wishing to develop their work in divination, prophecy, and spiritual guidance.
It offers readers access and powerful insights into an ancient and secret tradition. The reader will take away practical skills, knowledge, wisdom and tools to make them a master' of healing and compassion.

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