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Sacred Plant Medicine

The Wisdom in Native American Herbalism
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Paperback Book
Bear & Company
April, 2006
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In this moving book, Stephen Buhner reveals the importance of personal relationships to plant medicines as the foundation of an ecological approach to healing. Sacred Plant Medicine takes the reader on a step-by-step journey through the historical relationship that human beings have had with plant medicines during their long evolution on this planet.

I speak as a human being who travels in sacred territory, one who travels the Earth-centered path. I speak of the territory I have found, the Earth-centered devotions that have called me, and of the sacred plant relations…

In spite of the difficulty of our times, in spite of the pain of the Earth, in spite of the difficult learnings before us as a species, I still believe in the capacity of Homo sapiens to adapt and to take their place in the council of life we call Gaia. Part of, not apart from.

Perhaps some of the knowledge of how to make that transition lies in listening to such humble things as the grasses beneath our feet, the rhythmic beating of our own hearts, and the insistent, loving urging of our mother, the Earth.

Among the topics covered are wildcrafting of medicinal plants, ceremonies for making deeper relationships with plants, how shamans and healers “talk” with plants to discover their medicinal properties, plants and their uses—including the prayers and medicine songs associated with each of the plants examined, herbal sources, and wildcrafting ethics and guidelines.

Sacred Plant Medicine is a wonderful expression of what Hildegard of Bingen called viriditas—the healing power of the ‘Green.’ Stephen Buhner articulates the sacred underpinnings of the herbal world and deep ecology as only a real ‘green man’ can.” —David Hoffman, author of The Holistic Herbal

Among Stephen Buhner’s other books are The Secret Teachings of Plants and The Lost Language of Plants.

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In this in-depth examination of the sacred underpinnings of Native American medicinal "herbalism," the author of The Secret Teachings of Plants reveals how shamans and healers "talk" with plants to discover their medicinal properties. Buhner explores the longstanding relationship between indigenous peoples and plants and the techniques and states of mind these cultures use to communicate with the plant world. For each healing plant "described," he presents medicinal "uses," preparatory "guidelines," and ceremonial elements such as prayers and medicine songs associated with its use.

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