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The Sacred Prostitute

Eternal Aspect of the Feminine
Paperback Book
Inner City
February, 1988
$29.95 CAD
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In this book Jungian analyst Qualls-Corbett explores the historical origins of the sacred prostitute, the priestess of the Goddess of Love. For the most part, the book focuses on the contemporary problems both men and women have for having lost connection with a reverence for the feminine in terms of its sacredness.

Why is sexuality today cut off from spirituality, as if they were opposites? Cultural values have changed so that the sexual act between a man and a woman is no longer consecrated to the Goddess. But although we are not observing initiation rites to the sacred prostitute, they nevertheless occur at the psychic level. And ignoring them causes us to lose touch with our centers. In this book she covers myths, dreams, symbolism and personal case studies.

“Although now we seldom participate in rituals which allow us to be transformed by the divine, these significant happenings may still be realized psychologically—but only when the emotions which charge the images of the sacred prostitute, the goddess, the stranger and the sacred marriage are honored by conscious understanding.”

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