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The Path with Its Result, Part One: Essential Teachings of the Eight Practice Lineages of Tibet, Volume 5 (The Treasury of Precious Instructions)
Hardcover Book
May, 2022
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Publisher’s Description: 

A compilation by one of Tibet's greatest Buddhist masters of the Path with Its Result teachingsand practices of the Sakya lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Treasury of Precious InstructionsbyJamgnKongtrulLodrTaye, one of Tibet's greatest Buddhist masters, is a shining jewel of Tibetan literature, presenting essential teachings from the entire spectrum of practice lineages that existed in Tibet. Volumes in this series may be engaged as practice manuals while also preserving ancient teachings significant to the literature and history of world religions.

Volume5of the series, Sakya: The Path with ItsResult,presentsa selection of teachings and practices from the Path with Its Result (Lamdre) practice lineage of the Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The Sakya lineage derives from Virupa,DombhiHeruka, and other Indian masters, ormahasiddhas, and passes throughGayadharaand his Tibetan discipleDrokmiLotsawa SakyaYeshe (9921072). The practice tradition centers around the teaching and transmission of theHevajraTantraand its subsidiary texts. In three parts, this volume includes, respectively: the root text, commentary, and outlines for the Indianmahasiddha Virupascore text,the VajraVerses; the liturgies for empowerment and offering rituals specific to aHevajraTantra practice lineage; and instructional manuals for practice.

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