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Sara, Book 3

A Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words!
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Paperback Book
Hay House, Inc.
April, 2008
$23.99 CAD
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Do you believe in ghosts? Annette just sort of blurted out.

Sara and Seth both looked up with surprise. Well, Sara stalled, I guess I do. She remembered the night Solomon had visited her in her bedroom after Jason and Jimmy had shot him, but she hadnt really thought about him being a ghost that night; shed just been so glad to see her beloved feathered friend.

Sara and Seth looked at each other. Both of them knew that if anything would fall into the category of ghosts, Solomon would most likely be it, but they didnt say anything, uncertain about telling their new friend their special secret.

Well, do you believe in ghosts? Seth asked, looking intently at Annettes serious face.

Annette looked at Seth and then at Sara, who both sat quietly, each waiting to hear the answer.

No, I just wondered if you did, Annette answered abruptly. Hey, lets swing. And without taking the time to execute a perfectly calculated leap from the platform as she usually did, Annette grabbed the swinging rope and jumped off as if she couldnt do so fast enough. . . .

In the third installment of the Sara series, Sara has a hard time understanding why Seth wants to befriend Annette, the new girl in town. Even Solomon's reassuring words don't soothe her doubts. But far from detracting from her joyful experience, Sara discovers that Annette's presence adds to it in many ways. It turns out that Sara doesn't mind sharing her secrets as much as she at first believed. Life keeps getting better for these extraordinary young people - as yours will, too, as you read their stories. 240 pp.

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