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Savage Messiah

How Dr. Jordan Peterson Is Saving Western Civilization
Hardcover Book
St. Martin's Press
January, 2020
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A fascinating biography and in-depth look at the work of bestselling writer and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, by award-winning author Jim Proser.

Until May of 2017, Dr. Jordan Peterson was an obscure psychology professor at the University of Toronto. He was well-liked by his students for his insights, particularly on how free speech was essential to finding life-saving personal meaning in a frequently nihilistic and malevolent world. He had no idea of the firestorm that was about to engulf him, which would change his life forever.

He struck the first spark in September of 2016 with a YouTube video expressing his concern about Canadian parliament Bill C-16 that compelled the use of newly invented pronouns to address new gender identities. The following day, a critical article was written about Petersons video in the university newspaper. A week later, a student demonstration targeted him as a gender bigot. The following week a demonstration supporting free speech supported Petersons position. He was then fixed firmly at the center of the debate on human values that was beginning to split Western civilization apart.

With exclusive interviews of Dr. Peterson, his family, and associates, this book reveals the heart, mind, and teachings of our most controversial modern philosopher and outspoken defender of our sacred human rights. Proser examines Dr. Peterson's most important arguments, including:

the supreme right to free speech
the essential role of God in a healthy society
the sanctity of the truth
the redemptive power of individual responsibility

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