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Save The Planet

An Amazonian Tribal Leader Fights for His People, The Rainforest, and The Earth
Paperback Book
Schaffner Press, Inc.
May, 2018
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$22.95 CAD
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Almir Sarayamoga Suru, the Amazonian tribal chieftain of the indigenous Suru people, is a leader in the fight to save the rainforest not only for the preservation of his land and people, but for the Earths and humanitys survival as well. Joining forces with such high-tech corporations as Apple and Google Earth, Suru has become a guardian of his people and a global activist, despite death threats and million dollar bounties on his head. A recipient of the Global Citizen Award in 2012, Suru has calculated the direct cost of the loss of our rainforests"the lungs of the Earthin terms of the total amount of Co2 that their destruction would release into the atmosphere, and the monetary loss that this would entail, and by using this carbon deficit formula, has leased access to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies who have joined him in the stewardship of these endangered lands, their flora, fauna, and people.

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