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How the Mind's Mistakes Make Humans Creative, Innovative, and Successful
Hardcover Book
Greystone Books
October, 2019
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  • Henning Beck is an engaging public speaker and champion Science Slammer in Germany. Here is a link to a popular TEDx talk he did on how the brain creates ideas
  • In Scatterbrain, he explains how the flaws and mistakes of our brains, are actually our secret weapons, enabling us to think more creatively.
  • He also says our brains arebetterthan computers or AI. AI may be able to outperform humans in playing games or recognizing faces - but we're able to invent new games or rules.
  • Beck is working with a speakers agency to secure talks at conferences and with businesses in the US.

In this mind-bending book, an esteemed neuroscientist explains why perfectionism is pointlessand argues that mistakes, missteps, and flaws are the keys to success.

Remember that time you screwed up simple math or forgot the name of your favorite song? What if someone told you that such embarrassing brain farts are actually secret weapons, proof of your superiority to computers and AI?

In Scatterbrain, we learn that boredom awakens the muse, distractions spark creativity, and misjudging time creates valuable memories, among other benefits of our faulty minds. Throughout, award-winning neuroscientist Henning Becks hilarious asides and brain-boosting advice make for delightful reading of the most cutting-edge neuroscience our brains will (maybe never) remember.

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