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In Search of the Miraculous

Healing into Consciousness
Paperback Book
Shanti Om Music
March, 2010
$21.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

In Search of the Miraculous is a step-by-step spiritual guidebook designed to help transform our pain and suffering into the unshakable joy of our true Being. It offers a fresh perspective on healing and enlightenment, and their relationship to spirituality and growth in consciousness. As a mystic and healer, Eliza Mada Dalian demystifies the truth about self-realization and describes our journey to awakening in a practical manner that everyone can relate to. She calls both the journey to enlightenment and enlightenment itself healing into consciousness.

She explains the purpose of the ego and takes us through the stages of its development, emphasizing the need for its surrender and transformation. She also describes the role of the seven energy bodies and chakras in transforming the ego into consciousness and offers practical suggestions on how to break through the pain and suffering created by the ego-mind. She teaches that each one of us can find ultimate health and wholeness within the silence of our being by witnessing and disidentifying from our thoughts and emotions and surrendering to what is.

A wide range of exercises, as well as meditation and visualization techniques offered throughout the book, allow readers to choose those that suit their own energy type and style of practice. Clear instructions guide readers in strengthening their own inner witness and discovering the Truth for themselves.

Mada writes with a keen understanding of the paradox of the spiritual journey. On one hand, she says, the idea that we even need healing is an illusion. To reach that understanding, however, we must do the work of healing and becoming conscious of our true Self.

Like the phoenix that is reborn out of its own ashes, we are healed into consciousness through the fire of our destroyed ego-mind.

In Search of the Miraculous ~ Healing Into Consciousness has the ring of authenticity and offers a simple and elegant map of the path of enlightenment.” —Deepak Chopra, author of The Third Jesus

“In the many years of knowing Eliza Mada Dalian personally, I have come to appreciate and honor her as a deep, courageous, and mystical soul. This book reflects her qualities in such a way that it can be a guiding light on the spiritual path.” —Deva Premal, international recording artist

“This book take the concepts covered in Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now a couple of notches further. I am quite excited about this book because there is a lot of new material to integrate into my tool kit of understanding, which to me doesn’t happen very often. It feels like a new door opening and a whole bunch of work is now possible.” —Dorley Knifel, M.D.

Publisher’s Description: 

If you have read most self-help books and have listened to many spiritual teachers but are still feeling stuck and in need of direction and guidance, this practical spiritual guidebook will bring you clarity and put you on track. In this six times award-wining book, Dalian provides an intricate step-by-step map of the journey towards healing and enlightenment, and gives guidance on how to heal and transform the ego into consciousness in each chakra. As a self-realized teacher and the founder of a groundbreaking new healing method (DHM), Dalian explains how to strengthen your inner witness so you can disidentify from the fear, pain, and suffering created by the ego-mind and find the eternal joy and presence of your true being.

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